Paul Gardissat (1939/2013)

Paul Gardissat was born in French Algeria in 1939. In 1963 he settled in New Hebrides (French-English condominium that will become the Vanuatu in 1980) and worked as a teacher. His profession brought him alternatively on Ambae, Banks, Santo and Malo Islands which allowed him to encounter the people, their traditions and customs.

During his whole life, he collected and saved significant objects related to the diversified Vanuatu culture.

From 1970 to 1980, Paul Gardissat created a recording studio (Sun Production) which would remain the only commercial studio of the country during all these years. He worked at Radio Vila from 1975 to 1987 and was the first one to open this media to traditional oral culture.

Paul Gardissat’s Collection

When Paul Gardissat died, his collection was put for sale by his creditors. To avoid the disappearance and dispersion of the collection, The European-Vanuatu Foundation decided to buy all the pieces that were not sold.

For the Foundation, the purpose is dual:

  • Rent the collection for shows and increase the awareness of the richness of Vanuatu and its people.
  • Raise money to develop and support expensive projects funded by the European-Vanuatu Foundation across Vanuatu.

The book

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End of 2017, The European- Vanuatu Foundation published a book to present the collection :
Paul Gardissat's Collection Primitive Art Vanuatu/Collection Paul Gardissat Art Premier Vanuatu

Are you interested in the collection? Would you like to exhibit some pieces? Would you like to have information on the collection pieces? Please contact us.



The European-Vanuatu Foundation set a goal to exhibit the collection in collaboration with national museums of several countries around the world.

The objective is dual: on one hand, the Foundation wants to contribute to awareness of the culture and the values of Vanuatu, and promote the vast cultural richness of the archipelago through exhibits; on the other hand, through these events, to raise money to enable the development and the carrying-out of projects supported by The European-Vanuatu Foundation throughout the entire territory of Vanuatu.

Book Paul's Gardissat Collection

Book presenting our foundation and the collection.