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Thanks to the involvement and support of its donors, the European-Vanuatu Foundation can pursue its efforts and support the Vanuatu people. The European-Vanuatu Foundation wishes to thank them.


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Mr and Mrs Voillot

Ophthalmologic equipment donation.

HEALTHWISE la Pharmacie

Port Vila/Vanuatu

Delémont Hospital (Switzerland)

Medical equipment donation : wheelchairs, Zimmers, gynecological examination table, apparatus for electrocardiogram, respirators, monitors, electrical syringe pump, surgical lamps, apparatus for blood pressure and respiration.

Equipment given to the following :

- Public Hospital of Port Vila

- Health Centers of Santo

- Lamlu’s Health Center (Tanna)

- Dixon village (Malekula)


- Locabus/Farrath Cretin (Courtemaiche,Switzerland)

- Graceful provides of free vehicles 

- Organization allocates of a container from Switzerland.

- Fund raising and found medical equipment.


Agence Rolland Port Vila Vanuatu

Customs brokers/ Shipping agent