The foundation

The European-Vanuatu Foundation was created in September 2014 in Port Vila (Vanuatu). The European-Vanuatu Foundation is a public foundation incorporated under the laws of Vanuatu, and, more specifically, under the 2009 law regarding Foundations.The headquarters of The European-Vanuatu Foundation are located in Port Vila (Vanuatu), P.O. BOX 1276.

The European-Vanuatu Foundation’s purpose is to promote, develop and support projects, actions or programs which are favorable to the people of Vanuatu regarding health, education, arts, ecosystem and sustainable development and agriculture.

The Vanuatu Private Hospital

On December 1st, 2014, the Foundation widely contributed to the opening of a hospital in Port Vila (Vanuatu’s capital): VPH (Vanuatu Private Hospital). A family doctor, an E.R. Doctor, a nurse and a couple of Ni-Van work at the hospital. A gynecologist, an urologist, an otolaryngologist, an opthtalmologist and a psychologist provide medical services. The hospital has its own laboratory with a technician and a radiology room (exceptional in Vanuatu). Thus, people of Port Vila and Efate Island have access to medical facilities and treatments at lower cost.

In order to promote access to care for all Ni-Van, The European-Vanuatu Foundation plans to open a second HPV hospital on the largest island in Vanuatu Santo and to work collaboratively in different clinics on other islands. The goal is to provide material help to these clinics. All this for a non-profit purpose.


The Paul Gardissat's Collection

This is the reason why The European-Vanuatu Foundation has bought a large part of the «Paul Gardissat Collection» in order to rent it for shows and present the treasures of Vanuatu and its people.

The second reason of the purchase of the «Paul Gardissat Collection» by The European-Vanuatu Foundation is of cultural nature: to avoid the disappearance and dispersion of this superb collection, following the death of Paul Gardissat in 2013 and the sale offering by his creditors.

In 2015 the «GARDISSAT» brand was registered by the Foundation to avoid any forgeries or name hijacking.

After a long and serious task of inventory and restoration, The European-Vanuatu Foundation set a goal to exhibit the collection in collaboration with national museums of several countries around the world.

The objective is dual: on one hand, the Foundation wants to contribute to awareness of the culture and the values of Vanuatu, and promote the vast cultural richness of the archipelago through exhibits; on the other hand, through these events, to raise money to enable the development and the carrying-out of projects supported by The European-Vanuatu Foundation throughout the entire territory of Vanuatu.